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The Magic Horoscope predicts the arrival of some ideal days to make an analysis of your essence, of introspection.

Exercises, in short, to help you understand your origins and your roots, and feel proud of them, because thanks to them you are in this world.

No one doubts that you had to fight to enjoy your own identity, but remember that love is the engine of this world and that you must share it.

Stop believing, as you thought in your moments of weakness, that no one could love you, because that is not so.

Your partner will show you with small gestures and will be at your side, and perhaps, if you do not remove that bandage that makes you not appreciate how beautiful the world is, you end up weakening yours.

Or that you let lose, by the same gray vision of the universe, that person who now feels something for you, but yours can not yet be branded as a relationship.


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With some upsets, the truth is that the appearance of money will be charged with harmony, and equity and justice will shine above economic hardship.

Of course, not everything will be produced by magic or by the intervention of the stars; you will be the one who will have to take out the calculator and compensate expenses with savings, almost at par.

And if on top of that you manage to keep the capital saved greater than what comes out of your accounts, much better, without a doubt! Because you will be able to save if you really propose it, as a personal brand.

You could even take this gesture as a challenge that you should meet, to see how much you can save.

Of course, it won't be easy, because this month of February is coming to an end, and you won't be overflowing with resources.


In the same way that your love life, the week is good for you to look after your mental health and analyze everything inside your psyche.

That you detect the personal dramas, the bad vibrations that turn brown on your thoughts more colorful and warm, the tensions of work that cause you to lose your appetite.

Your personal evolution will be closely linked to this type of inner demons, so try to work in that direction.

In the physical plane, you do not have to suffer any problem, although it is never too much to take care of getting the flu, something easy if you live temperature variations.