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Something you don't like, but the stars of the Magic Horoscope need to tell you: in some moments you will be a bit harsh in matters of love.

You will claim attention, you will want your partner to be affectionate as if you were a star to be flattered.

This attitude won't bring any good, so control that desire to be the protagonist of every moment; because in the end insecurities will emerge, and the tension will be easy to emerge.

This connects with the discovery of a seductive and sexy attitude that did not come to have consciousness that was within you.

And if you are single, maybe you can capture a heart that falls into your nets.

Ultimately, the week will not be boring, and if you want to spice it up, do something crazy for love, like organize a wedding that no one would expect, not even your spouse!


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Cancer will be advised to take notes and very carefully on all your expenses, even if they require a terrible effort to pay them.

You'll avoid big money problems at the end of the month if you do your calculations right. Come on, there's only one week left in addition to this one to say goodbye to March!

Bother to try, it will be very satisfying.

In business, stay away from team leaders who want to squeeze the blood of those around them.

Their arts are by no means an example to imitate, indeed, you should try not to be like that.

To be happy does not mean to accumulate wealth; money only helps stability, happiness is born within each of our hearts.


The general tone of your health will be quite interesting, so much so that you would sign a pact with the devil himself to stay as you are.

Above all, because you will be quite resistant to germs and viruses, and even if there are people around you who fall ill, all this will overlook you, without preventing you from enjoying good health.

Routines can carry you and turn your mind into a cauldron in which everything is boiling. And the best way to relieve tension will be through laughter.

Look for activities in which you can laugh, and if it is in a sonorous way, much better: this way you will remove from you the bad vibrations that nest within your being, and of which sometimes you do not even have consciousness.