Cancer Weekly Horoscope
Cancer Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your heart is doing phenomenally! The Magic Horoscope predicts your week will smoothly sail by. Your romances are flourishing, and dates are starting to pile up on your diary. You're at a stage where you'll be able to offer your best smile, with no hidden reasons whatsoever.

You'll be especially excited about organising dates around the weekend, to enjoy your partner both on your own and out with friends. The connection will be the norm no matter where you want it.

Some of you will become more creative, and you'll feel inspired enough to turn your love life upside down with risky business proposals. You don't know what you'll do just yet, but you need a boost, some stimuli to break through the pre-set rules.

Double your attention to your crush if you're single. You'll have to speed up if you want to walk at their pace because you'll keep bumping into rocks on your path. However, making it to the finish line will prove that all your effort was worth it, Cancer.

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You'll bravely cling to what you consider important for your professional future. No one will make you change your mind, because you'll become a pretty stubborn sign this week, even if your intuition's sharp enough and the future proves you were right about many issues.

Your professional methods are interesting, and you manage to hide your weaknesses. Why don't you admit to the fact that you can't control everything, and that even you need some help every once in a while?

Your biggest problem when it comes to money and work will be that, in some areas, you'll be too self-demanding. The feeling that you could always do a little better will walk around with you as if it were your shadow.


The warmth of your spirit will help unfold new stimulating meet-ups to change what you don't like about your life. You'll start thinking about going to the gym again or going back to that diet that helped you build a body to die for years back.

Everything's at its peak, and you'll know how to use any chance you get to go out with friends, both to sports' events and leisure. In fact, you'll be a tough rival in certain areas, because you'll feel a competitive drive being born inside you.