Weekly Horoscope for Cancer. | Magic Horoscope


When it comes to the heart, there's always a risk of a storm bursting out, but this week you'll come to understand that the most cautious solution is to cling to dear life to avoid sparks from flying out.

Try to act sensibly and control your prospective mood swings, or your credibility when it comes to love affairs; also, your popularity could be the main victim in the end.

If you control this closely, you'll see that there are days filled to the brim with hope for you, and you'll even manage to make your loved one prove through their actions everything they can do for you. They will get ahead of your requests and needs.

Here's some advice: don't abuse them or become too selfish. If you think you're number one, you could make others' interest on you fade and even vanish forever. Fake promises never bring any good into people's hearts, Cancer.

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From this December 2nd onwards, the stars will help if you're on the lookout for a new or temporary job; as Christmas kicks in, many companies need extra help to cover a larger service base. Stay alert for changes and don't give up.

Optimism can open up just as many doors as a good CV. Besides, you need to stay active; things don't just fall on your lap. It might have worked once, but don't expect history to repeat itself.

However, there'll be times where you are more appreciative of feelings rather than material affairs; you know there are things that can't be assessed or bought with cold, hard cash.

Some of you will have to decline social invites when realising your bank isn't as full as you'd want it to; but it's okay, there'll be other better times.


The week will go by the way it should, with no jumpscares. But now, in order to improve your mental health, why don't you find some quality time to rest and devote time to your hobbies?

You'll have to pay attention to your house chores, for sure, but remember that you're the one and only star in your own life.

Still, that doesn't mean you should relax when you're, say, around work, letting others solve issues around for you. Mostly because consequences could be dire.