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This week will let you dream a lot. You wish to have a big family with many children, and just like in the movies, you wish to have a big house in a lovely neighbourhood. This might frustrate you, as it hasn't come true yet.

You need to work on your selfishness: think more about others and don't let your pleasures always come first, my dear Cancer. You will find space in this Universe for everyone, don't worry.

You will change your feelings drastically, and weight out what is good and bad. There are many surprises coming your way.

Learn to appreciate the beauty of life, as the little details make everything bigger and better. So, learn to break free. Stop being a coward if you are single, and get out there! This week is ready for you to find someone special!


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The best business that you can invest in includes art; as it never goes out of fashion and gets more expensive as it ages, Cancer.

Think of other people's economy and how you could help them without benefitting from it yourself. You could help a family member find a job where you work, for instance.

Your timetable is full of events, and as the days go on you are tempted to cancel some of them. The stars advise not to cancel meetings with lawyers or accountants: you might need them in the future.

Do not turn down a job that you think isn't good enough for you: any job is good, as long as it pays the bills.



Going to the gym is good, as long as you don't overdo it and finish really aching and tired. You need the energy to function at home, as your family needs you. Magic Horoscope is here to protect you.

Light sports practised in Nature will help you mind disconnect and it will open up your spirit. Let your demons out, and only let positive energy enter your soul.

What is your weak point this week? Your appetite, my dear Cancer. You eat just for the sake of it, and it seems to be out of control. Find a way to trick your stomach, and eat products containing lots of fibre.

Being in contact with other people will help you grow as a person, as you listen to their philosophy of love, and reflect on what to do with your life.