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You do not know what's wrong with you, but in this new week, you'll notice a feeling of nostalgia invading every inch of your skin.

You will remember perhaps a time in which the butterflies in the stomach were present constantly in your relationship, in which there were messages on the mirrors and magic that no longer palpates in the air.

What you live now, my dear Cancer is stability, which is neither better nor worse than that; remember this all the time, get a mental tattoo with it if necessary so you do not forget.

Do you want to give life to your story? Maybe you could take some paper and ink and let Cupid inspire you to declare your love in a lifelong letter, because the answer will be guaranteed.

In family events, you will fear that someone opens the box of dirty laundry, and before that happens you should encourage conversations to close wounds that still bleed.

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What you thought were comfortable old shoes will now seem the worst, and you'll want to change it. The Magical Horoscope does not speak of footwear, but of work, of a generation of wealth.

So, many Cancers will want to break with everything and look for a new job, a radical change.

The ideas you have are good, yes, but are you doing everything in your power to make it happen, or are you just making castles in the air, and then you will be a coward who does not step forward?

Also, remember that at the current stage there are many broken dreams, that people with excellent curricula cannot find a job, and that no one will knock on your door to ask you "Hey, Cancer, do you want to work with us?" He who does not fight does not win.


This week the stars anticipate a good tone, your physique will not feel discomfort, and you can even have improvements if you suffered discomfort in the digestive system.

However, you will have to deal with certain obsessions, among them, such as of hygiene, that of being always in tip-top shape, and clean.

This is never bad as long as there is control, and do not see dirt where there is not, beware! Also, clean up on clean will only end with anxiety.