Cancer Weekly Prediction for 21-27 January

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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Separating love from friendship is difficult on many occasions, just as love is different from desire, from the most primary of physical and sexual attractions.

In that sense, Cancer, during this week you will have a somewhat lively libido, more awake than usual.

And you will feel desire for people who are one step above you in any aspect, whether work, training...

So that your heart does not get hurt, do not play with fire if from the first minute you are noticing that you burn, okay?

In general, it is predicted a week in which your emotions are riotous and unstructured.

You won't know to what extent you do things because you feel them or because you think it's the right thing to do, what society (or your family, or your partner) expects of you (or what you think they expect of you, which doesn't have to be the same).


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Within you there is a desire to amass money, but not to make it multiply thanks to your effort, or wise investments.

You will be in a few days in which you will need to see simply that your funds are enough, that the mattress that cushions your well-being is well filled with bills.

Consequences of this peculiar attitude? That you become stingy, to the point that you look ridicule, or that it is annoying for others your unwillingness to spend money even in more than necessary situations.

Confidence in yourself should work, especially if you decide to ask for a raise in salary, or some kind of improvement in the conditions that cover your money in its multiple edges.


You are lazy, and according to the Magic Horoscope you are going to put aside certain habits that you had set out to follow in order to improve your well-being.

You shouldn't do that, Cancer!

Even if it is, try to forget about elevators, do a little exercise going up and down stairs is better than nothing.

Sport and movement is life! And if you can drag along with you some companion of routines, better than better.

In order to control your weight, the stars recommend that you weigh yourself often (it's been a while since you've placed your feet on the scale, is it possible?).

It doesn't have to become obsessive, but that way you'll know whether or not certain excesses you've allowed yourself are billed.