Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 22 - 28 April

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Under the influence of the goddess of love Venus well positioned in your sky, this week says goodbye to the month of April and you will be much more willing than usual to make the concessions that require your life as a couple.

The results of your assignment will be instantaneous: the relationship with your spouse will improve dramatically, and reconciliation for those who already have land in hand will be more than possible.

Single hearts are going to feel more attracted to the heart than to sexual attractiveness or material considerations.

You will know how to see the beauty that transcends what can be captured by the eyes, something that will make you feel very happy and in spiritual harmony.

An important meeting will be in the air, and you will only have to pick up the phone to confirm it, do not miss the opportunities because of embarrassment.


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Do not be too reckless in the next seven days, according to the advice given in terms of work by the stars of the Magical Horoscope.

It will be necessary to weigh every time the pros and cons of a financial operation, do not trust your capabilities, even if you have carried out similar ones before.

Act with confidence, and you will gain an indisputable success, but without yielding to extravagances.

You will have to devise some new formulas to save; Consider ways to prevent your economy from suffocating in the future, as many will live through difficult times.

Currently you will have all the assets to take such preventive measures, and above all, strive so that the money circulates, does not remain stagnant.

Be careful with the intention of fulfilling all the wishes of your partner or your children, because they could be more expensive than you were able to imagine, and once you say yes, anyone tells them it's better to leave it for later!


If you have been nervous, you will see many improvements from this Monday. The planet Mars will influence this issue and you will end up having a lot of energy and resistance.

Knowing how to stop in time will also be a virtue, since there is no need to work too hard on certain tasks, or to practice new sports for which you are not prepared

It would take a long time to recover, and it really is not worth it!

You will experience the difficult aspects of the Sun and you will discover that sometimes you want to break everything or express your feelings without moderation.

In short, you'll have to fight a little with yourself.