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This week for many natives will be marked by a mess because Cupid walks quite crazy, and his arrows still make you notice people with whom it is not easy to have an affair.

Maybe, someone who already has a partner, or who lives far away, or simply, that when s/he is with you promises you the Moon, but then, in reality, do not want to lose their freedom.

So, you may have to make an almost scientific study of your love story, and see if it is worth betting more on that idyll, or better to stop dry.

But let it be clear to you that if for a moment you think you are made for each other, don't hesitate to pull forward!

The stable couples will have some discrepancies without importance, proper of the coexistence and love, try not to accumulate many unresolved conflicts, or if not the ball will seem bigger than it really is.


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You think investments are made for you? If you affirm, you are more mistaken than you could have imagined, because they will not give you a profit.

At least during this week, which serves as a transition between the second and third months of 2019.

If you let someone you know convince you to put your money in a company or a stock, the Magic Horoscope guarantees that your savings will be minced.

They will disappear, you will have no chance of recovering or retaining it (and let's not talk about the possibility of making a profit).

If possible, make a viability plan for your business. Control your weaknesses, think about how to hide them or alleviate the effects of them.

And with your strengths, calculate what mouthful you are going to give to the competition, so that your savings multiply and assure you as much as possible a good future.


This week try to take things slowly, meditating on every action you take because the rush won't do you any good.

It's better to do things right once than wrong twice, okay?

You'll have to control the energies because if you misuse them, your path could be truncated.

Your digestive system could give you some fright, and if you've had hemorrhoids in the past, you can now watch your diet and your habits so that they don't reappear, something that according to the stars could happen.