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Relax and take it easy, as when it comes to love not everything is bad news throughout this week. You may have the feeling that you are gasping for air, but your relationship should start to move fluidly thanks to Venus’ support.

But if there is an understanding, what can be done? Easy: put your problems aside, especially those that end up in routines. Plan a little trip away with your partner. No children, no responsibilities. Just the two of you.

Singles will be between both waters, sometimes feeling under the weather in solitary, and others will go out seeking a new travel companion.

Do a little internal analysis before giving fake expectations to new people, if your heart is broken, make sure it is fully repaired and functioning. We don’t want any cracks appearing!

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In this last week of the first quarter of the year, you will have the opportunity to improve your material situation, my dear Cancer.

To accomplish it, you have to keep your eyes and ears alert, detect some interesting opportunities that come your way, businesses for you to develop to cover your needs that are currently on the market.

In the case that your work along, a solitary wolf, you will master the meaning of autonomy that you enjoy and will achieve excellent results.

Your intuition in hanging by a thread, although if you are working as a team, there could be some confrontations and clashes with other colleagues due to different points of view.

For your productive side to flourish (also your capacity to make money), make sure everything is in order and under control. Dedicate some time to cleaning and organizing your desk area so it may play some tricks.


You are going to start looking out for yourself, especially about your inner space. Inside your head, everything will be put in its place, even though sometimes it may seem complicated to find a healthy balance.

Rest is essential, find good ways to disconnect, but remember that sleeping too many hours isn’t beneficial for your health.

When it comes to sports, it will be interesting to keep an eye out for the hygiene of the material you use, as well as the facilities you use if you go to the gym or the pool. And it seems too easy to get warts or fungus from the communal showers as they aren’t cleaned as they are supposed to. Watch out for these incidents, it’s best to prevent than cure.