Scorpio weekly horoscope. | Magic Horoscope


You'll have instances where you'll want to escape the world and hide away in your secret garden, trying to find balance on your love life, analysing your strong feats, and what things in your life should change to fit better together with your partner, your family, and overall your loved ones.

However, you'll also experience moments of starlet behaviour, believing you're the focus of the entire world, and that you deserve all attention from everyone. Be careful with that self-centered hue, because you might not get what you want.

The way you love will also be on a constant rocky road, Cancer, especially because you want to have a fun week, or at least, to keep it away from routine.

This could make you look at someone who would have otherwise gone by unnoticed to your heart's attention because you'll have likes and ways to see life that are quite different from one another.

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In order to break free from your situation at work, if you feel overwhelmed, you need to turn your world upside down, be more active and stop waiting for things to happen on their own as if they were a gift sent from heaven.

For starters, update your CV and think about how to improve your training, by updating your skills, for instance. Is it time to sign up for a new degree, or perhaps to improve your language skills? All initiatives are welcome under the eyes of the Magic Horoscope!

You're at a good time to analyse what your true calling is because you've often let yourself go with circumstances the way they've sailed along.

Try to manage and handle your opinions carefully, and avoid discussing tricky topics at work. You don't want to open up a Pandora's box around the office.


All health-related activities will be highly boosted by the stars, both physically and mentally. Your skies will be filled with planet energy, with a shade of justice and a reconciling spirit along with it.

You should indeed watch your diet more closely, and eat along your entire day, but in small amounts. Include calcium-rich foods if you can; you won't only find calcium in dairy products, but also in many vegetables.