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If you had the phone number of the purest freedom you would already be having a conversation to meet up with each other. The atmosphere of this week that says goodbye to May and receives June increases your ability to take on the day to day without sentimental support.

There will be times when love becomes important, okay, but not a vital feeling. You will avoid expanding the family, or take a step forward in commitments. You may even want to take a step back, and in a fleeting way, with the speed of lightning in a storm.

The emotional energies of the stars announce an increase in your creative potential if you are single, and you will dare to do things out of the ordinary, banishing comfort, with attitudes that could even be noted as shocking to many of your near ones.

If the longing for freedom makes you distance yourself from your partner, reconnecting will be complex, and a somewhat uncomfortable sense of belonging may be relieved.

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The stars of the Magical Horoscope are fixed in terms of your finances, although you think that around you there is more darkness than lights in the sky.

There are certain fears within you even though you could touch the glory with your fingertips at any given moment. Is it superstition that holds you back, a signal you've seen that tells you to stop, or are you panicking that it's just a dream that you're living? Well, wake up, because you're living in a harsh reality, and you could take advantage of it if your finances are on the rise.

The arrival of the weekend will give you, Cancer, the opportunity to evacuate a little pressure if at work there were some fights and disorders.

And when you're out of your responsibilities, do not think about anything except enjoy, entertain and have fun. Out with mobile phones and computers, in with the animation!


Too much ingenuity can take you to companies that are harmful to your health, both physical or mental; You will be reckless and it will be difficult for you to maintain a sense of responsibility.

However, there will be times when you shine, and you will be envied for your physical shape and your well-being, although it is not something that worries you; besides, you refuse to waste your energy unnecessarily on killing deadly snakes such as enemies hovering over you.

Say yes to any leisure proposal that reaches your ears: concerts, movies, art galleries, painting workshops. It will be great to get rid of every day worries.