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If you're going to touch the fire with your own hands, be sure to wear protective gloves, or burns will take a long time to heal.

And apply this advice to dangerous games of jealousy, third parties or passing adventures, as there is no sign that things will go particularly well.

It's a complicated subject, no doubt, and sometimes you need to have a little salt and pepper in your life so that the taste is not always the same, day by day, Cancer.

Claim your essence, your true way of being, and that nobody or anything makes you lose it, much less if it is someone who has just entered your life (and you do not know if it will remain or not in it).


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The first month of the year evaporates before you this week, and although it has had 31 days and 31 nights, for you it has gone faster than a February of a leap year.

And the important thing is, how many of the economic objectives that you proposed for this 2019 have you fulfilled?

The stars answer for you: less than expected, although it doesn't overwhelm you too much to have lied to yourself, and that your economy is rather disastrous punctually.

On the one hand, worry about mending those mistakes, and sewing that pocket through which your coins fall one by one, leaving a trail of losses in your wake.

On the other hand, the Magic Horoscope invites you to recover the hope you had when you were a child full of dreams.

And that you set to work with all your heart and all your effort so that these are fulfilled.


In general, there is a fairly stable seven-day period, in which you won't have to stay in bed with the thermometer in your mouth.

You can even receive welcome news about past wellness problems that won't bother you anymore, for now.

And this will help your morale rise like foam and permeate even those around you.

Take advantage of the fact that 2019 is still starting to bring about some radical change, not in your habits, but in your daily life.

Have you thought, for example, about moving, going to a new home? Because the time has come anyway, and it would be a challenge that would help you to have renewed illusions.