Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 29 April - 5 May

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Your watch is running out of time, and there will be moments of this week that take place with one foot in April and another in May that you do not know which day it is.

This will affect your love in a harmful way, because your better half may feel ignored, and certainly, you will not be fulfilling your role as you should.

You will worry more about work, going to the gym or seeing that movie you want to ask her to, if she is okay, if even if she needs help, or simply just be there for her to love her!

For singles the astral environment will be complicated, you will run into someone who will call your attention and with whom you could build a solid future story.

The bad part? That the other party will be interested too, but will not want to leave your comfort zone, displaying cowardice that will be frankly boring.

Within the family will have to put in order certain issues in which several people have to say.

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You will want to demand work improvements throughout this week, as you consider that your employers do not value you enough in the way you deserve.

And although you may not be lacking reasons, you will have to look for the best words and the most accurate manner to express them, but they will not be pronounced as you wished and you may end up pulling all your achievements to the ground.

In terms of teamwork, you will have to be patient, many people will look for solitude and you will have to do gear for the machine to work.

At other times you would have barked like a rabid dog, but thanks to the Magical Horoscope you will have a more conciliatory spirit and achieve some success.

The last-minute whims will be the main enemies of your money, which will make your savings fall down the drain drop by drop, without realizing it.


It is important to take restrictive measures to rigorously manage the development of your health; as you're not looking for everything you should be looking for, right?

Falling into temptation is easy and fun, but be careful with seemingly easy solutions with which you will try to reverse the effects of your actions; You are more likely to throw more stones on your roof than anything else. You are warned

In sports, care is recommended, as you will be susceptible to injuries; before putting on exercise as a champion, try to heat up correctly, and wearing the sports equipment according to your needs.