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Make the most of the calmness in your love, as it seems better than ever. These seven days ahead will be especially for you and your partner to open up with honesty.

The projects that follow you, your dreams you desire, this should all be shown to the world. Strip your spirit and let it grow once again into something you wish. You will also realize that your partner will love the confidence you have in yourself.

This doesn't mean that something isn't on your mind. As the week comes to an end there will be cold moments between you both that may cause arguments. Avoid temptations!

As a single Cancer, don't feel worried and guilty by dating more than one person. If you haven't committed to anyone, then you aren't doing anything bad.

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You need to pay attention to your finances. Your natural reliance on the stars won't be enough if you don't put your best efforts into it.

Are you ready to not give in to temptations? There is no other way! You need to be ready for any unexpected payments. You may even need to work extra hours to earn some extra cash.

Treason will be in the air you breathe, as someone around you has changed sides and now works against you. Teamwork only functions when you are all on the same page.

For nature and for saving, learn to recycle properly and turn off any appliance when they aren't being used.


Cancer will benefit from positive health. This week will be positive as you are finally seeing the light. You now have fewer pains of arthritis or blood clots in your legs. Try new medication or treatments. Who knows, they might work for you!

There are companies that will be happy to let you try their new medications. Read the prospect inside and out just in case. You don't want to be lied to.

At home, the air will be changed into positive. In order to do so, you need to change your furniture around so that the air flows easier in the air. This helps your state of mind too!