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It is the first week of the month of June (the previous one was still in May), and the natives who live as a couple will experience a prosperous period.

The stability in your love nest will appear positively, as the possible storms and the few clouds of the last periods will be blurred; and your selective bad memory will prevent you from remembering them. Sometimes it is best to not remember the negative.

Though be aware my dear Cancer: as not everything is miraculously resolved in a day, and married life goes one if both of them want to, not because one forces another. It's a matter of loving and caring that unites two people.

If you are single, there will be alarms inside your head that only you will hear: this time you will really wake up, you won't be in a bed of roses anymore (because you could prick yourself with some thorn).

It is likely that lately your love life was dressed in color gray, but now you will turn soft pink or even red. Venus should restore confidence if an ex-partner broke your heart.

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Positive energy is coming down your path of destiny, with minor details that could be described as outstanding or even honors.

You will discover qualities of your being that you didn’t know you had, and if you are studying or training you will find new vocations, desire to fly and not stay anchored forever.

To achieve your professional goals, you will not hesitate to leave your shell and step out of your comfort zone and take significant risks. Go for it!

Far from worrying you, the prospects for change will stimulate you and you will show remarkable confidence and composure.

The planet Venus will give you financial opportunities in matters where you no longer dare to prosper.


This week is sponsored by Mars, the ardent and indomitable planet that will communicate an extraordinary dynamism and enthusiasm, helping you cleanse your soul.

You will want to get out of the routine and start a sporting adventure and do great and disproportionate things; but if you feel pressured, don’t force yourself, okay? There will always be another sport for you to find and enjoy. Just don’t give up looking!

All this can be excellent if you are careful not to waste your energy all the time.

You have to follow your doctor's advice; If you do what you want and not what the doctor recommends, then your health will not improve. An apple a day keeps the doctors away. Logical, right?