Cancer Weekly Horoscope
Cancer Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The stars advise you to think before you speak as the week goes on. Your tongue tends to be vicious, so try to choose your words carefully. You might get yourself into a situation in which you don't be able to turn down the offer.

You are a slave to your own words, as you will pay for your sins. You will have to see through the issues that you said yes to, even though you didn't really want to do them.

Cancer, if you aren't meeting expectations, your other half may drift away or put some distance between you both. It will be hard to gain their confidence again so be careful.

You need to be open and always speak your mind. Be honest and tell them what concerns you. This is what keeps a relationship healthy. Say things the way you feel them, even though your partner might not be ready to hear them just yet.



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Comfort will enter your work environment this week. You feel surrounded by great colleagues as they always have your back. Nobody attacks others and teamwork is efficient. You help each other out when you need a helping hand.

Some problems at work will be solved due to your quick thinking. Some issues might even affect your family life and economy. Be aware you don't overspend at home, just in case you need the money to pay off any unexpected bills.

Be careful that your professional secrets aren't leaked. If they are revealed, they might end your professional career, my dear Cancer.



Good vibes are coming your way. Nothing is impossible if you try your best. Trust yourself and be the person you want to be. Some issues may need a great physical and mental strength. Those issues that you have been avoiding for some time now.

Some issues you won't be able to overcome on your own, so ask for help from your inner circle; friends and family. They will always have your back.

When you hit rock bottom, don't take it out on your loved ones, as they are only trying to help. Try to stay positive and find activities to keep your mind occupied. Find a hobby that soothes your soul. Learn to love yourself, my dear Cancer.