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Cancer Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

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How is it possible that the last sheet of the calendar already has to be torn out? 2018 has vanished in front of your face, and depending on your circumstances, it will have done so in a fleeting way, or it will have become a real agony.

Don't worry about that last year, Cancer (even if there is one last day to enjoy it) and put your soul and your heart in enjoying facing 2019 in which you should give the best of you to make everything shiny.

On the future of the week that will be the link between one year and another, your relationship is foreseen to be auspicious, although this does not exempt so that there is some difference between you and your loved one (with the shadow of a serious discussion threatening from the threshold of your house).

Also, you will be constantly complaining, and this is not a pleasant situation for your partner or anyone else, so try to control this if you don't want them to take a step back.


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The Magic Horoscope offers you a deal. This December 31st and January 1st, with the excuse that the new year is being celebrated, you can forget about your economy.

Forget the worries that disturb you for a while and enjoy these two days.

However, once Wednesday arrives, you will have to put the batteries for your bills begin a major cleanup.

Financial risks and controversial investments take them out of your life, and in the same way, disconnect that loudspeaker that invites you to go out to the street to burn your savings.


Have one thing clear: as well as you behave on the night of the 31st, so good will be your health for the days to come.

Because in the sky of Cancer is a good influence, nothing serious related to your welfare (at least with relevance) for this first week of the year.

However, if you go too far with the drinks and finish with the stomach upside down do not go to ask your regent planet, the Moon, or any other, to heal you, because they will not do a miracle to remove the consequences of what you did.

If you are going to make new year's resolutions, make them more or less easy to achieve, and stop swearing that you will never do certain things again and that you will quit harmful habits if you really know that you will be re-independent, sooner or later.

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