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Within you there is a desire to do great and interesting things in your relationship, and you will be able to do together some of the activities that give you more satisfaction.

Because you have enough control, your mind is very bright and thanks to it you will juggle with time, with space, so you can enjoy more together, with quality, in special and magical situations.

This does not mean that at times you want to be calm, enjoying solitude, isolating yourself from the rest of the world.

And hey, it's okay, this can be very healthy as long as the solitude is chosen, not imposed.

If you are single, between 4 and 10 February there will be action and movement, and the same intimate with someone you already knew previously, you will feel interested in new people.


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Who said it's too early to consider the holidays of 2019? Because you're wrong!

If you start looking at flights and hotels you can find very cheap discounts, Cancer.

On the Internet you will find many tools and comparators so that they don't charge you more than a single cent. It's time to indulge!

Your commercial art will be booming, and not only can you make a good collection if you have a store of any kind.

You'll also get your projects bought, your ideas or even the pay raise you want to ask for!

Also, the envy of others (and the bad gestures they will have as a consequence of it) will make absolutely no difference to you.


Mars can intermittently influence the health of the sign Cancer, and not for good.

And remember that sport is not only quality of life, but a way of living longer and with more quality.

It is important that your schedule is complicated, and that there is no time to go to the gym, but for example in the breaks of your work you can do stretching and other activities so that your skeleton does not rust.

Enough of being a passive person, you have to enter a spiral of movement from now.

So to begin with, say goodbye to the car and the elevators, and use your legs to get where you need to go.