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This week should be interesting for Cancer, if you know how to put the emphasis is on the taste of intimacy in love.

Stop projecting your happiness in front of the gallery, thinking that you have to justify your love situation, or maybe waiting for approval from society.

And focus on the complicity and satisfaction of a good quality sensuality, from the inside out, away from selfies in social networks.

Avoid, however, letting yourself be carried away by criticisms as useless as they are dangerous, because in the next seven days you could start hostilities for no apparent reason.

Singles, for their part, will develop their essence and struggle to make their own heart happy, without having the feeling that they are content with loneliness in love.

However, you won't have to give in to the whims of your appointments, because in the end you will end up getting angry and causing a whirlwind where there was only some wind.

Try to advance the common projects in harmony and good agreement.


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The yin and yang in your essence will be noticeable, and you will have a week of contrasts within your economy.

You will notice how sometimes the whitest part will make you watch over your money, and will turn you into a sensible and cautious Cancer, who watches over the welfare of others.

Someone who knows that an economic decision affects not only themselves, but also their family, partner, children, all loved ones.

And that white area will take you along a path of austerity, in which you will not miss empty comforts either.

However, your dark side will also flourish, tinged with consumerism some specific moments, and will make you want to boast of a situation that does not belong to you.

As if, as part of the elite, your problems were to disappear, instead of getting bigger because they bore holes in your economy.


You must be careful with mood swings, which will produce adverse effects on your environment and prevent you from living in good understanding with your loved ones.

These changes may be caused by some hormonal imbalance, especially if you have recently emerged from an illness.

If you visit a medical center, it is more likely that you will do so to accompany a patient than because you yourself need to be checked - no alarms!

In order to relieve tension, the aquatic environment will be the best, there you will release the energy that may be overloaded.