Cancer Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Despair is making a home out of your life; this isn't your best week as far as love affairs are concerned, and frustration takes over you at certain points. You can't make the train of your romance progress through the right track, and past crises might come alive again.

The fear of breaking apart what you've been growing for so long makes you tiptoe around. You're not even seeing it, but you're actually more sensitive than your beloved.

Don't let tiredness become the cause for the end of your love story. Double your efforts, ask friends for help and have open chats with your heart on your sleeve.

Some of you singletons out there will see their thirst for adventure renewed, and you'll be able to enjoy spicy conversations with people you would have never imagined. You're dumping certain prejudices and fears away, and you're trying to listen to your gut instinct more.

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You'll be a very appreciated person professionally speaking, your opinion will count a lot, and there'll even be many people who come your way trying to find advice or guidance that you won't always be willing to share.

Learn to respect timing and schedules, Cancer: when you're out of the office you're in no obligation to answer any calls or e-mails. Bringing in free time into work won't do you any good, no matter how much you think it does and how necessary it apparently is.

Recession will hit the budgets of some of you, who will see a lack of resources to face all the bills that pile up every single day. You'll start considering asking for a loan.


You have a good attitude with your health, you'll know how to stay away from certain activities and addictions that brought on nothing but harm, and you'll even jump into trying out new sports.

However, if you schedule your time around to go to the gym, you should actually move and exercise instead of wasting time talking to friends or showing off on the mirror.

Time is an exquisite element that can't be wasted in useless affairs. Seize every waking hour and every single minute.