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Being organized is essential to you, my dear Cancer, and with love, you are the same. Your spirit is responsible as you will take on the role of a parent, telling people what to do, and your partner will frown upon this.

Find your suitable other half, someone who looks deep into your eyes. Someone who doesn't take their eye off you for one second. 

There may be some arguments, but with a suitable sense of humour, you will get through it without making the situation any worse. Talking solves problems.

Those single know how to stimulate others. Don't hang around waiting for events to happen, make them happen yourself! If you want something, go for it! Meet new people, have adventures and new encounters. Everything happens for a reason.


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New ideas will pop into your head. You are caring, but prepared to keep your finances under control in case of an attack.

There will be moments when you are seen as a brilliant creature, as many admire your spirit and energy. Some might even try to act like you and ask for advice. Don't play tricks on them, and help when asked.

Be careful not to sin, my dear Cancer, as you have many workers under your wing. Don't take out the whip just yet, but make sure they know who is boss, as some might not listen to your orders.

On some occasions, you will be a bit forgetful in terms of money, as you forget where you put your wallet and will doubt whether you spent the cash you had in it.



Keep your energy flow under control, as this week may feel longer than usual. You tend to get quite hyperactive. However, the hurricane building up inside of you will also cause others to get hyperactive. Don't let craziness affect your health!

Go to the gym often, as it will help you burn off steam and also burn you're built up energy. If not, go for early morning runs and take in the fresh air.

Spiritually, you are strong and know what you want in life. You can face anything you want.