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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 May

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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You will try to make love flow around you, as you will try to put yourself in the shoes of your partner and of all the people you love, but you can forget your own individuality. Remember to love yourself too.

And during this week, my dear Cancer, there is a good chance that the point of view of others is of utmost importance to you, excessive even as the Magic Horoscope points.

This has as a consequence the succession of moments in which you act according to the opinion of others over your own ideas, thoughts or feelings.

This can play a trick on you, especially if around you there is a monster that wants to manipulate you for purposes of any kind. Don’t believe everything you hear.

At least, in the family, you will receive good news. Someone may be expecting a child, and in the same way, it is possible that your little ones are successful in their studies or in the practice of their favorite sports.

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It is the work of Jupiter that will put you in the center of attention, trying to grow and seduce the world with your discipline. Don’t try too hard to seek attention.

Leave your comfort zone, be open to others and you will have interesting business appointments, some of them planned from one minute to another, so try not to plan a very rigid agenda.

If your business or personal project is already well established, you can launch yourself into more avant-garde projects! Astral influences will also lead you to be fully aware of the risks you may face, but it will also give you a slap to the top.


Throughout this second week of May, Cancer will be less sensitive, more than any other period, to fatigue or overwork.

This means that you will be capable of sustained and even violent efforts, which will be useful if you have to face any sports competition.

Take advantage of that energy that the stars present to you for projects that you postpone out of sheer laziness, such as, for example, moving out, painting your house or fixing the door or a piece of furniture that has been causing problems for some time. Be decisive and useful!

The dream will also be pleasant, you can rest with good quality as long as you are not lazy at the time of the siesta; A badly scheduled afternoon sleep (or with the alarm off) can disrupt your productivity alarmingly.