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It is one thing to want to be the best spouse in the world, the most fighting father or mother, the most excellent person, and quite another to work to make it so.

You'll have to sweat your shirt to show what you're trying to project within your family! But you shouldn't be frustrated by it, but learn to do things differently.

In addition to that feeling that only you can understand, in the sky of the crab's natives, there is a powerful mist that augurs disagreements (although not misfortunes).

You don't need to sharpen the hatchet, either, but you do need to cultivate your patience and assertive listening so that everything develops properly.

For those Cancer that go around without an engagement ring, it is time to break the chains that inhibit you from what you really want.

Don't be shy, stop the nonsense because you are not a child to be encouraged to do things. Your life is only one, and you have to enjoy it every minute you can, and if it is receiving love and giving it back multiplied by one hundred, even better.


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Energy takes hold of you, almost as if you were a character from a superhero comic book, and you will use the same energy to make benefits throughout this week.

So it will be at least for most of the natives of Cancer, as it is interpreted from the reading of the cosmos because you are going to discover new edges of the potential that you hide (or better said, camouflage).

You will also learn to discern very similar concepts, but which mean the same thing to us. Because it is one thing to set yourself a budget and a route, and another very different thing to be a sheep that follows its master's voice without questioning anything.

Ah, and watch your belongings, that those of your sign will be a very sweet target for thieves!


Take a deep breath and stay calm, because the stars are very careful to safeguard your health, but try to take care of your skin from the attacks of external agents such as cold or the sun.

If you are exercising, especially if it is part of the New Year's resolutions after a sedentary life, take care of your limits.

Knowing your body well is essential to avoid getting injured, so keep an eye out for what may happen.

Finally, try to say words of encouragement on a daily basis, because there will be days when sadness takes hold of you, but fight it to the corner. Don't let it win!