Cancer Weekly Horoscope
Cancer Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



In the upcoming week of October, the stars in Magic Horoscope focus all attention on Cancer natives' hearts.

Before you even notice, your world will evolve and turn upside down; someone will make you feel butterflies are fluttering around your belly, take you for an exciting, adventurous ride, and fill your everyday life with hope and magic.

That person could be the least expected of all, a friend that you start looking at differently, or someone with whom you haven't much in common but attracts you anyway.

If you live with someone and you share bed and shelter, you'll have quite a regular week with no jumpscares or big issues. The willingness to argue will be at a tremendous low, and some circumstances that would have riled you up before won't be important at all now.

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Education and manners will be the best key to open the doors of success in this upcoming week. Some deals close to being sealed will make you impatient because of several problems and unexpected turns here and there, but if you bring out your inner diplomat, you'll be able to fix just about anything.

Also, your speaking skills will help the other party to realise that it's better off to sign up, in case they're doubtful at the last minute. Give in a little, but make them see that you're not the strongest link.

All around you'll be very flexible and will know how to satisfy your business and family needs with rather limited resources. You're filled with optimism and that's eventually contagious. You'll even manage to make your kids see how much it takes to earn money, and how much juggling it takes to save it up.


It'll be essential for you to control your emotional intelligence these days. Fate could mess your world up and hit some surprise strikes on the field of your life, and that's when you'll have to take over your instincts and emotions.

This will be of vital importance for those of you with heart illnesses or experiencing blood pressure issues. You'll have to watch your meals with a closer eye than ever fore, ruling out any energising products such as coffee, and controlling more strictly the salt intake in your meals.

At first glance, it's just another week; the most change you could experience would be an occasional headache or some tiredness around your neck and back. However, you shouldn't worry too much because you'll be an expert at handling your energies.