Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 July

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You should show your feelings so that you both open up to one another. You prioritize your relationship above all, which is good.

Sometimes others see you as a cold person with no heart but it is up to you who you express your feelings to. Don't feel pressured to be loving to everyone.

Within relationships, your other half will help you take off your comfort shield and become who you really are. It will be hard and won't happen overnight, but you need to try.

For those single, don't let others flirt with you, especially if you don't want anything with them. They are wasting their time on a person who doesn't want a relationship.

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You have organized your expenses so that you can prioritize your expenses and make changes when necessary. You need to know what to spend and see if you can afford it.

Listen to advice from others as they might have been through similar problems. When you have different opinions it will be easier to make decisions.

When you reach halfway through the week, you will find stability and will feel more relaxed as you finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Take a deep breathe as everything will be fine, my dear Cancer.

Luck will be smiling at you as it will be putting you to test. You may have to set some important exams or even do a course. Do your best and you will be fine.


Do not let happiness slip through your fingers, as you deserve to be happy like everyone else.

If you are already connected with the Univers you will feel that your spirit is developing positive energy that will help you grow as a person. If your mind is healthy, everything else comes easy.

You are at a point in life in which your goodwill is fresh and ready to flourish but make sure you keep a distance from bad habits such as smoking or excessive drinking. If it gets hard, consult a professional.

Keep an eye open at all times, or you may hurt yourself! Bashing your foot against the wardrobe is painful, so watch out!