Cancer Horoscope Weekly
Your Cancer Horoscope for this week | Magic Horoscope


You're in for a positive week, Cancer, at least as far as love goes. The stars will boost your chances if you're getting to know someone these days.

There's a man or woman constantly on your mind, who makes you stare at your watch all the time to see how many hours it will be before you meet again. But for the time being, you'd rather not have anyone know about this new romance, out of caution or discretion... Or because you just love to wrap yourself in a shawl of mystery.

As far as steady, long-term relationships are concerned, you need to take a calmer stance. Maybe things haven't gone as well as they used to long ago, but you should think through together every important decision that comes to mind.

Some of you will consider ending the story to be able to find happiness in new life paths; others will start thinking about bringing in a new family member to repair broken ties. Whatever the case, think twice before making your next move.

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You'll have to pull out a heavy grip when it comes to work. You've got workmates that don't love you as dearly as they say they do when they're actually waiting for you to fail and steal away your position and achievements.

You should learn that not everyone is inherently good, and that jealousy is a modern-day illness. Try not to talk too much, and focus your efforts on getting work done cleanly and efficiently. Trust yourself more and don't let some petty, nasty comments take you down.

This week will be a display of chances to invest your money into estate. Getting a mortgage with perfect conditions will be a piece of cake for you, so seize the chance!


Your health is pretty good, but the stars point out that you can feel weak at certain points. This might be an open manifestation of stress, which could even turn into a sudden drop in your immune system.

Learn to accept your limits, ask for help whenever you feel overwhelmed, and be more fastidious about your sleep hours. You should sleep as much as you need every night because sleep deprivation has nothing but negative effects on your wellness. And if you're leading a sedentary lifestyle, make an effort to move around more!