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Cancerwill have a sensitive heart, and because of this, anything will make you cry your eyes out, as this week is halfway through the month. Your feelings are at the surface, and if you don't keep them under control your partner might feel overwhelmed.

Try to keep nostalgia under control, as you remember past fights and arguments. You shouldn't bring them up again, because it won't bring you any good.

Make sure you watch out for enemies and supposedly, friends who want to get in the middle of you and your partner, as some of them want you to break up. They will make fake rumours so don't believe everything you don't see for yourself.

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Cancer, have you suffered a broken heart? Magic Horoscope is here to heal your wounds and help you increase your savings. Try selling things they once gave you. It will help you get closure and some extra cash in your pocket.

You have an open mind to change and evolve. Life goes on, so you need to adapt to your new life, leave your worries behind and show what you are capable of.

This week, at work, there will be some issues that show the worst side of you. Some problems aren't as bad as you thought; just try to get through them quickly and avoid the pain. When it gets too hard, only you will know how to overcome it.


Let us start with the good part first. In general, your tone is soothing and positive, as your energy is high and you are eating according to what the doctor told you and your needs.

On the other hand, the stars will push you towards temptations and you might go back to old habits, such as smoking. Stay strong and don't give in to temptations!

Last but not least, Magic Horoscope reveals that weekends always get the best out of you, and you need some days to recover from them. Therefore, you need to take it easy when you go out partying or for a drink, as the recovery will take longer than you thought.