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Cancer Weekly Prediction for 24-30 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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Between Christmas carols and typical sweets, there is a wide possibility that you will find a stone in your shoe that does not allow you to achieve the happiness you want and deserve.

The Magic Horoscope refers to a family disagreement, something that is possible especially on such dates, in which meetings are frequent, and not everyone has the same chemistry.

If you are in a relationship, you will realize that the will to decide is not balanced, and in your relationship what you say is especially valued and more important, and therefore you can decide on some matters that concern you both.

You two are a team, and you will have the ability to break the chains that sometimes tie you down, so that you can fly dynamically, looking for new fronts.

Are you single? Then you should know, Cancer, that someone is asking for you, and that they have a special interest in seeing you.


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A rebellious spirit will reign when it comes to managing your accounts and your earnings in this last week of the year, and there will be no one to interfere with you.

Does this have consequences? Of course, and not just because someone else may face you for having diametrically opposed views.

Also, you will notice how your wallet burns in your pocket, Cancer, how a certain consumerism arises in you undoubtedly promoted by Christmas, a holiday in which you only have to spend, spend and spend.

In that sense, when you go shopping, it would be quite useful if you did a study of each garment, each item you put in the basket and even consider how much satisfaction you get.

Does it get an "A"? If this is not the case, it is best not to buy it, and your accounts remain healthier.


Your mind will focus on specific aspects of your private life, and you do not want anyone to sully that intimate side, and therefore you may be a bit nervous.

In general, your tonic will be quite decent, even frankly good, but that does not mean you should stay at home as if you were a passive subject.

Thus, it is recommended that you do some activity that helps you to burn adrenaline, as could be the practice of some extreme sport.

Have you ever practiced paragliding? You could ask for it for Christmas, you are still on time.

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