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A week arrives in which you will have to define the way you love, because some aspects will have to be reinvented and improved, Cancer. 

A dialogue will be essential so that romance doesn't turn into a dictatorship of the heart, in which one is limited to ordering and the other to abiding by dictates without his heart really wanting to carry it out.

Some days you will be quite distracted, but this doesn't mean that everything is going to be wrong; in fact, you'll enjoy with an exciting surprise.

The most conquering side will flourish among singles, although the stories that emerge won't be definitive; they could be considered a short divertimento.

Since love doesn't only refer to the person you have as a partner, it should be noted that there will be a quarrel with relatives, although who hasn't discussed at Christmas time, right?


The coming days won't be easy for you; there will be some dilemmas that will make you put into balance the pros and cons of some relevant decisions. 

Especially, in a matter in which you will be able to take two paths, one safer but also more difficult, and the other faster and with the possibility of improvisation and mistakes.

Luckily, the stars promote honesty in you, and you will know how to choose the best option for your financial security.

At the end of the week, prepare yourself for the astral impact that will happen with the combination of Uranus and Neptune around you, and that will cause your economy to be shaken by a truly deafening earthquake.


You'll have good levels of physical and mental wellness, and your sense of humor will make it easier for you to overcome some issues that won't let you sleep.

Find some time for yourself and go and get a gentle massage that leaves your back like new: you need it more than you think. 

Regarding your diet, don't trust anyone, except a professional nutritionist, because only they know what is convenient for you and what isn't.

Don't take any notice of people who recommend this or that product because they think it has miraculous attributes, because they might not be that good for you in the end.

And moderate yourself with the intake of sweets, with the excuse that it is Christmas.