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Love: Be careful if you are Christmas' enemy

The arrival of December tastes like candy, family dinners, and drinks after work with your co-workers, for Christmas is filling the world.

If you don't like these dates (maybe because you miss your loved ones) be careful not to let yourself go by anger or you will end up hurting somebody who loves you.

Also, if you have problems at home, make sure that you don't involve anyone from outside.

Those natives of Cancer that are thinking about consolidating a relationship with a ring... Go ahead! The stars favor romanticism and the "I dos".

And if you are single, you have high chances that an old friend will confess that they feel something else for you that goes beyond a mere friendship. Who knows, maybe you will end this year in good company.

Money: Don't force your talent

You have to be sure what trains you get on during this month if you want to make money, for it may require more time than you have.

Also, it is not necessary that you show your talent all the time, for if you pull the rope it can end up breaking because of the strain.

As far as your economy is concerned, you will be somewhat rebellious when it comes to spending money, and you will analyze in a very peculiar way what you have to purchase and not, especially when it comes to presents.

Finally, the stars recommend that you analyze your accounts if you suspect that there is something that is not matching.

Health: Learn to call things by their name

You have to overcome the fear of talking about delicate health issues, which is something common in many people.

It is just fine to call things by their right name, okay?

What you should be worried about is your respiratory system. Start taking care of it, and stay away from smoky zones.

Finally, it is possible that many Cancers feel mentally exhausted, even kind of depressed, but this will be temporary. The cause for this is probably hormonal.