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Full Cancer Magic Horoscope for Friday, 20th July

Full Forecast for Today, Friday
Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The influence of the planet Mars is going to be so strong on you that you will really feel like a Martian, an alien who is unable to communicate with the people around you.

Not even your partner, your children or your parents will understand your intentions today, or worse, it seems that they have no intention of understanding what you want to convey to them.

Despair will go through your head, and in the end, you will end up isolating yourself, distancing so that no conflict is generated.

And this is the best you can do, so that tomorrow, when everything goes back to normal, there will be no scars to heal.


With the warrior side of Mars brought to light it won't be the time to allow you to go to a reckless expense.

If you have been reasonable so far to adjust your current expenses in a timely manner, without waste, why don't you continue a little longer?

You know that you will simply go through a restrictive period, but that you won't have shortages of any kind.

Today it will be possible for you to achieve success in everything you do, as long as, of course, you stay within the limits of your possibilities.

And although they try to separate you and minimize your talent, you will be stronger and you will dilute the plans of those who love you badly.



Your desire to expand your field of action, your vision of things and your thirst for freedom is very beautiful, but if you don't get the results and quickly you can get deeply frustrated.

This Friday, as indicated by the Magic Horoscope, you can cultivate a friendly relationship with an energetic person, who will encourage you to show your convictions, and who will get through part of the good vibes that surround you.

The tiredness that you will feel will be psychic rather than physical. It will resemble a diffuse sense of dissatisfaction that makes you want to be pampered, rather than a true tiredness.

You really have more strength and poise than you want to imagine, Cancer.