Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



During the weekend you have rethought many things about love, and now the time to act begins, or at least, to plan what your next moves will be.

This feeling surrounds you everywhere, although sometimes you insist on putting on a bandage that castrates your heart, not allowing you to go where it wants.

Cut the shackles that anchor you in a place you want to escape from and you don't do it out of cowardice.

Speak without fear, say what goes through your head, where you think you are, where you would like to go. The goal isn't clear to you, but you know what you have and don't want.

Return a lost call that you have, it's a friend that needs your advice, and more than that, they long to talk to you about their problems.


When you need to be sure of a decision you tell a lot of people what you're going to do and ask if they think it's a good idea.

And when someone tells you that they believe that there are better options than the one you have chosen, you are filled with mixed feelings that confuse you.

This is a problem, especially when it comes to important positions on economic issues that have frankly tempting options.

Try to pay attention to your intuition, but read long before signing anything that binds you for a long time, because then you could have the most bitter regrets of the universe.

Cancers that have started a job recently will receive the request for new services and responsibilities, as a sign that you're doing something well.


You have neglected your sexuality a bit. Practicing sex helps, among other things, to release tension, and also gives you a better state of mind.

Is this been happening for some time now? Maybe you could visit a doctor to see what could help you, if you really have the erotic appetite rock bottom.

When it's time to sit down to eat, remember that binging is worse than going hungry. And that by exceptionally skipping a meal you will have less harmful effects than if you binge.