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There's no need to be a Sagittarius to shoot arrows; sometimes words are like these, once they're shoot you can't stop them and they can hurt someone.

You have the trump cards on your hands, don't waste them by throwing them when it doesn't correspond, Cancer. Be moderate, as recommended by the Magic Horoscope.

You feel how the energy of the Moon, your ruling planet, allows you to enchant whoever gets in front of you, and this allows you to be happier and happier almost without effort, congratulations!

When the night comes, something unexpected will arise with your partner, and the pleasure will be assured by the Magic Horoscope.

Try not to argue with that friend who can never meet up with you, but today has decided that you have to have a coffee at all costs because they want to.


On this Saturday the charlatans will abound, Cancer, so get patience from under the stones to endure them.

Try to cut short the speech of everyone who promises you success, money and fame instantly.

You know very well that in your ability to work is your greatest fortune, and that nobody gives anything in this life. That you have to sweat a lot if you want a decent remuneration.

In case you have done something wrong in economic matters, don't hesitate in confessing your mistake; you will show that you didn't do it in bad faith.


Are you a regular sportsperson, and are you planning to compete today?

The stars recommend that you warm up conscientiously, since in the firmament it's written that you have a high possibility of suffering some type of injury or fall.

With a little wisdom, and recognizing your own limits, there will be no greater problem.

Don't be too apprehensive about diseases, because you're at a stage where you are constantly asking yourself if you could have caught a virus or if that tiny ailment that you suffer won't be the signal of something more serious.

If you feel stomach aches, try to eat less and make a more balanced diet.