Cancer Daily Horoscope
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The melancholy that you felt this Saturday has dissipated completely, and you're going to wake up wanting to reach the top.

You're going to be a bit selfish, yes, because you want others to make you happy without you having to make a lot of effort.

And look, for once, the Magic Horoscope lets it go, as long as it doesn't become a constant.

Because love (and friendship, which is just another way of loving) must be worked in two directions, one way and return.

In fact, if someone behaves especially well with you, remember it for another day to be you who treat them as a king.


Continue the purpose of saving that you had yesterday. And you know that at the weekend you have to spend more than usual, so it's better now to put the hand brake so that your economy doesn't collide against a wall.

It doesn't consist in walking with miseries, but knowing how to choose properly, with a little wisdom.

There will be friends and family that will encourage you to spend, but you shouldn't be tempted. You are strong and you can do it.

About work, prepare yourself psychologically because changes will come soon and your routines will be radically modified.


Every day you receive dozens of information about foods that you have never heard and that now have almost miraculous properties.

And those you have eaten all your life, and who also don't seem to have given you many health problems, little more than seem cooked by the devil himself.

Not everything is so good, and not everything is so bad. The moderation at the time of feeding is what should prevail in your diet.

You want to eat a sweet, or have a couple of beers? Okay, but without excess, and knowing that the calories you add on one side then you have to subtract them from another.

And if you do what you want, which is possible, then don't go crying to others.