Full Horoscope for Cancer for This Coming Tuesday 24th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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You're on one of those days when you wake up and think you are in a fairy tale, because you thought it would be impossible to have everything you have.

Remember that nothing has fallen from the sky, that to have such an integral partner by your side you have had to fight a lot and give in, but the strength of love can do everything.

Enjoy the day! And if you need to be amazed at everything that happens in your day to day life in the best of ways, do it.

Orient your energy to enjoy, and to give your partner a Tuesday that they remember for a long time in which there is room for passion. What if you go away somewhere, do something mad?

Listen more to your children in matters related to health, because there's a problem there that you haven't given the necessary importance.


Money changes people, and to some, it makes them bring to the surface the worst part of themselves.

Today you will live an important argument because of money matters with a person who you are friends with, but also some business matter, either in the present or in the past.

You are right, but you have to prove it with wisdom and a lot of dialectics. The other person is very clever and you have studied the arguments against you as if it were the Lord's Prayer.

Don't give in to pressures that don't obey any logic, Cancer. The stars will give you their energy if you ask for it.


You feel that nothing is working well for you today, as if someone were talking about you behind your back and wishing you the worst.

It's true that there are bad energies that surround you, but you can make them go away by burning some incense in your home and opening all the doors and windows.

If you want, you can light a candle of beeswax in the evening to recover a bit of that energy that someone has absorbed from you like a vampire.