Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Those born under this sign have very solid ethical principles, but sometimes the need to get on well with everyone can have the opposite effect.

The same happens with the intention to avoid situations of conflict at any cost, that could make someone get very angry with you because they'd like you to be clear right from the beginning.

With your partner you have spent time with that philosophy of not showing yourself for not doing anything that the other person is not going to like, and in the long run, you will do more harm than if you do things as you want to do them, naturally. 

The stars foresee a pregnancy in your surroundings, although it will not affect you directly.

The birth will fill the parents with joy, although pregnancy will cause more than one headache.


The stars of the Magic Horoscope have put a pebble in your shoe early this morning, Cancer.

You will feel some mood changes, and bad mood will take hold of you very soon. Little by little everything will return to its course and you will be the same again, so act accordingly.

Today, the day will be a bit messy, and a bad response, a bad gesture or an argument for any nonsense could trigger a storm for which you have not brought an umbrella.

Watch your belongings when traveling on public transport to avoid possible thefts. Don't stray from your bag or backpack, and don't leave the wallet in sight.


You are already thinking about putting on your swimsuit so you start getting obsessed with your physical appearance.

The phrase you repeat most is "I have to...", and from there you end it up with words like diet, exercise, weight...

You are not focusing well on the way you keep your line, and you have attitudes that are near the obsessive personality.

You need to associate food with enjoyment, as well as with a way to improve your health.

This way you'll achieve your goals, and also, avoid any disorder related to food.

You can't buy willpower; if you want it you have to look for it, work on it and know how to keep it.