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Cancer Forecast for Tuesday 20th March by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
Cancer Daily Horoscope |



You've had a few dates and you've already intimated with a person that you feel attracted to quite a lot, and with who you have thought about going a step further.

Keep a level head, Cancer, and think about it: are you really in love, or is it just an adventure, a whim that one of the two is allowing themselves to have.

Develop your empathic capacity, and ask how you would like to be treated in such case, to avoid further damage.

Take care of your children, Cancer, who need a little more affection. Talk to them and ask them about their studies or their job, because something isn't as idyllic as they want you to think it is, just so you don't worry.


You'll have the chance of changing your job soon.

Talk to one of your colleagues so they are your ally, and start bringing the topic out so that your company doesn't get caught by surprise if you leave.

The change of employment will be especially favorable for people who work in something related to law issues, as well as for those who are in the food sector.

If you want to control the spending a little more, by believing that the money flies from your wallet, try putting the bills you have to spend in an envelope, and write down every time you take out what you spend it on. And don't use your card.


So that your stomach doesn't play tricks on you, Cancer, try to banish ultra-processed foods from your diet.

You should also reduce the consumption of soft drinks today, as you have a sensitive stomach.

If you notice a lot of back pain recently, pay attention to your shoes, and also to your templates.

Maybe you should start using templates that cushion the impact of the ground and that you can find them without problems in shoe shops, supermarkets or sports shops.

The step on pads absorb the impact of the bones against the ground, which can cause discomfort and pain in some areas, such as the lumbar.