Cancer daily horoscope
Cancer daily horoscope |


Finding interests that you might have in common with the person you like and that you are starting to get to know can be a great challenge for you, Cancer. You have some hobbies and obsessions that you consider peculiar and that you don’t want anyone to know about, at least not at the beginning of the relationship.

As the relationship moves forward and you gain trust in that person, you become an open book. However, getting to this point requires that you previously open up a little and you have let them get to know you. Do not feel ashamed if some aspects don’t follow the standards. It’s precisely that which makes you interesting.


The tasks given to you in your job for this month will require more perseverance and dedication than it first seems. They are not matters that you can delegate to others or manage from a distance but they will need you and only you to be responsible for taking them forward.

It seems like a punishment but it’s the opposite and you should consider it as a reward, the prelude to that higher position that you crave for. If you manage to overcome this small test successfully, you will dazzle everyone in the company and in a very short time that office will belong to you.


The cold and especially the type that goes straight to your throat can prevent you from starting the month on the right foot. Not being able to speak as you would like to because you’ve lost your voice or in the most extreme case, having to stay at home with a high temperature and sore throat can put you in a very bad mood.

Leaving your scarf at home seems a trivial matter but today it will be your main weapon of defense. On the other hand, you should continue paying attention to those stomach problems: making a meal too copious today is not exactly a very good idea.