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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Cancer Sign for Monday 9th July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Monday
Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Take note and in conditions of what the Magic Horoscope advises you for today: extend your limits and stir your habits, conventions and norms.

Not everything is written in love as if it were an instructions manual, things change and evolve, what yesterday worked today doesn't, and what long ago seemed an incredible thing to do you may want to do it tomorrow.

Experiment with your partner, explain what your concerns are and the territories you would like to explore together. Strive to be constructive in your speech, and invite them to ask you all the questions they need to ask.

Within your family someone will claim a freedom that doesn't correspond to them, and this will generate a conflict that won't end quickly.


That evolution you notice in the emotional field you will see also applied to your economy.

Everything will be well economically if you are reasonable and avoid spending money to satisfy your temporary desires, those whims that you have to satisfy imminently.

Don't risk putting yourself in a bad position if then to rebalance your budget you will have to work very hard to get back to the good position, it's not worth it.

Cancers that dedicate themselves to a profession related to laws (politicians, judges, lawyers, advisors...) will have to pay special attention to their work, because any false move could have disastrous consequences.


As a person of the Cancer sign, you tend to internalize your problems, the head feeders that you don't expose to anyone, that hurricane of feelings that runs through your body so often.

You aren't a sponge that can absorb everything, you will reach limits where you will break down one day because you won't be able to take anymore.

To prevent this from happening, the Magic Horoscope recommends that you telephone a friend and have a coffee.

Take advantage of the meeting to carry out a catharsis, empty everything that goes through your head and restart your mood a little.