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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Cancer Sign for Thursday 10th May by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Thursday
Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Who hasn't ever argued with their partner and has gone to a friend to tell them their story, with great detail?

This type of acts, so frequent, can be an excellent catharsis, but you have to know how to choose perfectly who to tell what goes around our crazy head.

During this Thursday you're expected to have some arguments with your partner in which you get to lose your nerves in a very excessive way.

But watch out, Cancer, a lot of caution! Because you may talk to much to someone who doesn't really like you, and who can use all that information against you.

Among your friends there is a scab, someone who can't really see you. If you sharpen your sixth sense, you will soon find who it is.


You have to buy some things, and being in the middle of the week you decide that this day is the best to carry go shopping.

So that in the more immediate future you don't have to regret your decisions, try to compare prices to find the most economical things, which will benefit your economy a lot.

And if necessary, fight with yourself, Cancer, and make an exorcism to get out of you consumerism, because once you go to the shops there is a risk that you get to buy as if there were no tomorrow and your coffers were going to fill with coins once the night falls.

You're a grown-up now and you know that fairy tales don't exist, and pixies are not going to show up at midnight to put money in your wallet when you're not looking.


You have to lighten your mind a little, you have it loaded with worries of all levels, some very important and others very absurd, although you refuse to admit it.

The maturity you already have should be reflected in how you behave.

Sometimes you act like a teenager lacking any responsibility, and who believes that their body can handle lots of trouble. And the years are beginning to weigh, don't forget.