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Cancer Magic Horoscope for 18th March

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This Sunday looks interesting, Cancer! They say that love is blind, but the last thing you could have imagined was that someone you see often could arouse such interest.

It's someone who has been there all their life, and who you know since you were a child, although now you see them with different eyes. What's happened? Have you fallen in love without realizing it?

The other person seems to also take notice of you, and now you don't know how to act. Especially, if you are a Cancer who is already in a relationship. In this case, think about what you're going to do, and keep in mind that everything would be discovered sooner or later.

If you don't have a partner, it's a good opportunity to try a loving project, because their smile makes you shudder, and the innocence that radiated you is another thing now.


You have to temper your attitude towards expenses, and above all, when it comes to spending with your credit card.

Bet on an attitude where intelligence and serenity come together, it will be your best weapon, even now that a new week begins in which you will have to face hard work.

Even if your monetary problems make others panic, be cautious.


You have some habits which you have to say goodbye to. Tobacco, alcohol, gambling, binge eating?

Keep in mind that to achieve success in the leaving of habits you have to carry them out one at a time. If you leave everything at the same time you won't end up leaving any of them, as it happened to you before.

Work in a bad habit first (prioritize, for example, by the impact they have on your health, or in your economy) and until you have achieved it, don't go for the next one.

If you look around you will see someone who has overcome the same addiction that you also have in the past, or even recently. Try to talk with them, and even make a team in which you help each other.

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