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Cancer Forecast for Wednesday 28th February by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
Cancer Daily Horoscope | HoróscopoMá



Congratulations! For you, Cancer, this 28 February will be a day when love will rule. A new Valentine's Day. 

Use the free time you have during the day to live an intimate moment as a couple.

It's not even necessary to organize a dinner under the light of the moon, just a coffee, a bunch of flowers, a small love letter.

Today all the arrows of Cupid point towards you, so relax and enjoy. Nobody is going to be able to stop you, you are strong.

If you are a single Cancer, today is a good day to play seduction cards with that person to whom you are awakening so much interest and who subtly shows you that they also have an interest in you.


You have a very interesting creative side, and if you play your cards well you could make money in the next few days.

Bet on your strongest value (music? painting? writing? design...?) and find out what contests are happening near you.

It may seem crazy, but with little information you will find multiple proposals.

Go to one of the contest, because that facet of creator is strong under the influence of the Moon on your sign.

Don't doubt that you will be one of the winners, and the economic amount you get will be great for covering certain holes, and even to save a little.


You don't really know why, Cancer, but when you don't have problems, you invent them, or you look for new tribulations to fill your head up with.

Stop thinking about the future, about the work for tomorrow, or about a possible deterioration. If the world finishes, it won't catch you in any of that, so change your mentality.

The stars of the Magic Horoscope will protect you, and no one will be able to harm you even if they intend to. You will be invincible, at least, for today.

If you have a bicycle, take advantage of the night to escape for a ride and breathe deeply, if possible, close to nature: the beach, a mountain... You will charge your batteries.