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Cancer Astral Horoscope for Saturday 3rd March by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Saturday
Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The influx of the moon, your ruling planet as Cancer, will help you take steps in love that you haven't taken so far because of laziness, and a little fear for what they would say.

If you need to give yourself to the other person, why don't you do it?

Nobody should care what you do with your life, and you should care less if they are interested or not.

If you feel a hurricane inside your chest, why do you keep it between concrete walls? It's better for it to circulate freely, and just let it happen.

A move is foreseen in your surroundings, but it will be longer and more tiresome than it might seem at first.


You've woken up wanting to discuss money issues, right, Cancer?

You're going to take advantage of the Saturday to sort out your bank accounts; it could be about work or about the family economy.

Today is not one of those days in which you prefer to mediate and be very peaceful.

Be careful so that in the middle of a row there is no economic slip out of your recent past that could cause someone to embarrass you.

If you have a judicial problem that hasn't been solved yet, you should know that everything continues its course and that you'll know the resolution very soon. And according to the stars, it will be favorable for you.


Manage your indecisions in a different way, Cancer. When this is aggravated you can drive anyone up the wall, and it's not what you want.

Your emotional states are currently rich, and that will benefit you for the weekend.

You must find a middle ground between your restlessness and your parsimony, you can't be black and white at the same time. Learn to combine both states.

If you have fluid retention take some infusion to get lighter, like horsetail, or some tea (but remember that it has a stimulating effect, so don't drink it too late).