Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Since childhood you were instilled a special value for finding a partner, as if it were an obligation and not a beautiful experience that should just appear at some point. As if having a partner was like looking for a job.

You've been overwhelming yourself for days with questions that are difficult to answer, Cancer.

It's not the same to be loved than to love, just as an infidelity doesn't mean indifference. In the same way that indifference isn't caused by infidelity.

Do you love your partner or do you want them? If you only have attachment, as a personal need, you just want them, nothing else.

If you love them, you will respect the other person completely, and give them wings to be whatever they want to be, to get where they want to be, even if that includes living separate paths at some point.

If the love that beats in your chest is pure, it won't change by any circumstance, nor for the years, difficulties or because new people appear in your surroundings.


Money sometimes takes your sleep away, and makes you lose concentration on what you are doing.

You can't avoid doing calculations, doing the numbers, analyzing what you have paid, and thinking about what day the next receipts will arrive.

You need a new perspective of what we mean by money, in order to have a new vision of what saving success means.

You don't have to think about the income you receive for your work, pension and other income only. Analyze also your assets, and which of your goods and services will give a value to your finances.


Headaches come and go in your everyday life, but it's not too worrying at the moment. 

Don't take medications without checking with a professional so that the cure isn't worse than the disease.

If you are going to the gym, pay special attention to weight lifting.

Don't take weights beyond your possibilities because you could injure yourself, and a tendinitis or a fasciitis is not good for anyone.

Remember to adapt the training to your abilities, and above all don't forget the warm-up so you can perform better.