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Cancer Magic Horoscope Prediction for April

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Love: A month to think about whether to continue or not

Cancer that have been in a relationship for a long time are going to think about many things this month, especially whether to continue or not.

The feeling that your partner stops you, that they weigh you down on your way to freedom is an idea that overwhelms you a lot and that you will have to reflect on analyzing all the good and bad things that they bring you.

The essential thing is that you value what you have, and see if it's in your hand to change some kind of habits that you might consider annoying in the other person.

You don't want to talk, you stubbornly keep quiet, because cowardice is very present in you.

It's not surprising that with this sentimental cocktail there'll be occasions when you are going to be cold and distant with your closests, like your family or your friends.


Money: Use the money box that you bought, you have abandoned it

At work you will have some problems that will make you rethink many circumstances. Is it worth to continue in it, if you are unhappy, just for the sake of making money?

Sometimes it's important to value other things, not only the numbers in your bank account, such as the time we have to enjoy our family or develop our hobbies.

And remember, you bought a money box, not to dust it off, but so that from time to time you can put in it some money with which to treat yourself. If not, what's the point of having it?

Some type of family conflict is foreseen for money matters, such as the sale of a property in which the amount obtained must be shared, or even in the distribution of an inheritance. Don't be blinded by ambition, huh?

Health: Stop being your own enemy

You don't have to be your own enemy, try to make life easier for you. This mantra you should repeat often in these coming weeks, Cancer, because your inner demons will walk to the battle.

In addition, the stars send you a lot of energy so that you overcome that irrational fear that you have to certain things. We're talking about fear of heights, of insects, of certain diseases.

The means of transport such as cars and motorcycles could cause you a fright, so go with great caution always. And it goes without saying that you always have to wear a helmet or a seatbelt, depending how you're travelling.

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