Cancer Monthly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



A relationship crisis can be fixed. Remember this because you are going to have problems with your better half, and there could even be a brief breakup in the relationship.

If you let time go by, everything can go back to its course, and if you allow each other to breathe you could fix the issue without much drama.

Your rigidity as a person makes you look cold sometimes, not very communicative, and this can be interpreted in a bad way.

Whether you are meeting a person or you are in a relationship, there is something you should do. Send your insecurities, fears and especially complexes to hell, because they are a burden.

You have a pending visit to a close friend for quite a few weeks now. And as there is confidence, the visit is postponed and never comes.

This month you should go, because that friend is going through some difficulties that you don't know about and they need all your support.



To prosper in your job, one very important thing that you should do is recover old contacts. You have to expand your contact network, because you can reach interesting conversations.

Avoid gossip in your work environment, because this month you will be the center of a rumor that won't be good for you.

Consumerism is going to play tricks on you. You will have anxiety to buy things you don't need. You will even hide some of the things you bought from your family or your partner, because you will realize that it is getting out of hand.

It is possible that you have to change your mobile phone because it starts failing, or even because you drop it and your terminal becomes unusable.


Have a look at your nails, Cancer. And not as an act of coquetry, but to see if this part of the body has some kind of stain or another sign that could mean that something in your health is not going very well.

You have to manage your inner demons in a different way, because you are your number one enemy in many circumstances. Seek professional help if you think it's necessary.

You have every reason in the world to complain about your overwork and family obligations. To stop noticing that you need more hours in a day you should begin to manage time (and emotions) differently.