Cancer Daily Horoscope | HoróscopoMá



A love story that is born in secrecy, in the most absolute secrecy, will never materialize, Cancer. Get this in your head.

To live love, you have to be honest, without lies or hiding what is happening to your surroundings.

If you get used to unleash your passion always in secret, looking back, you won't know how to bring the relationship to the light of day, to clarity, to the sight of others.

You will know how much it pays to live things by covering them, and if you think that tomorrow you can bet on continuing that idyll you have always fed through the back door.


Although you try to control the way you buy, sometimes you can't avoid having a certain compulsiveness that makes you buy products that you don't need, or that you don't even want. This has happened, once again, and not long ago.

If you need to fill a hole, how about you do a little cleaning at home and see if you have items still in their packaging, which you can change?

Check all the tickets you have, and see what is the return period, which can vary from a week to 90 days, depending on the place you bought it (it's sometimes a year).

It's a quick way, not to make money, but to recover that which came out lightly and without much control.


You usually buy tight clothes and sometimes, lying a little to yourself, you even buy it in a size smaller than what would correspond to you.

It's true that sizes can vary depending on the manufacturer, even the model within the same brand.

Try to wear clothes not too tight this Friday, because you will end up having quite uncomfortable blistering.

Also, if you are a woman, keep a close eye on the size of your bra, as this varies depending on whether the body is ovulating or having the menstruation, since the breasts can increase in size and be annoying if there isn't enough space.