Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Don't ask anything you're not sure you want to know, Cancer. This not only applies to your partner, but to all those people who you have affection to.

Everyone has the right to enjoy some privacy that they share only with certain people.

If you investigate more than necessary, you won't only discover wars in which you don't have to fight in, but the other person's intimacy can feel attacked.

Don't keep people who aren't of your interest.

There can be problems with neighbors. Try not to get into direct confrontations, and make the corresponding decisions.

If you're meeting a new person in your life, throw yourself into the pool and say things the way you feel like.


This Saturday will be a day of expenses. Allow yourself something, a gift to oneself, but in moderation.

Don't do anything crazy that involves paying in installments.

At work, you may have problems that you'll have to solve creatively.

Don't be overwhelmed, don't be your enemy. With good sense and a little imagination, you will find new formulas to fulfill your objectives.

You may have to work from a distance, even at times that you shouldn't be working.

Write down all this in order to use it in the future, the day you need to ask for some kind of favor.



Food can give you problems. And not for eating out in a restaurant of dubious quality and service, but in your own home.

Take advantage of the fact that it's Saturday to order your pantry and your fridge, and control the expiration dates.

Also check how long certain foods have been open.

You need to give light to your day. Put all the blinds of your house up, let the light find you.

And if the agenda lets you, walk under the sun, or do some outdoor activity in which you can feel the sun rays.