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Cancer Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Tuesday 20th February

Magic Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
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You were a very resentful person in the past, and you boast about being a lot more flexible now. This Tuesday will make you realize that you are mistaken about your own image. 

A relationship problem will make you very angry, as if someone spilt a bucket of hot water down your back, and you'll want them to be punished for it.

You won't have an anger attack, or anything like that. Violence is not for you, right? But you're going to feel very inquisitive.

At the end of the day you will learn that in love there is no room for resentment if you really want to live it. But you must arrive to that conclusion by a path of thorns, which will remain stuck for several days.


It's time to look after your home a bit, and try to figure out how could you reduce your expenses so that money is not spent so easily.

Firstly, count how many electrical appliances you have connected to the electric network, and which completely switch off and which stay in standby.

A trick you can do to make sure that the electricity bill won't go up is to use multipliers with a switch, and turn them off every night at bedtime.

If you have to change light bulbs, even if they cost more, invest in those that are LED type.

And you already know that the new devices must be energy efficient.

Thus, month by month you'll see how the graph of fixed expenses goes down.


You had health problems in your past, there's no doubt about that. But don't exaggerate. 

Beware of lying to the doctor, because the stars are not going to protect you on this occasion, and you could get really bad news.

Especially, if you are low or you receive some kind of subsidy, don't lie. The consequences could be terrible.

And, as you know, reject self-medication, and make sure if the dates of all your medicines are in order. You may have a reaction because of this.

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